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Abraham Capital: Your trusted firm for exceptional returns and peace of mind. We redefine investment excellence by providing a secure, higher-yield alternative to the S&P while offering investors a reduced level of risk.

With our seasoned expertise and strategic approach, we don't just manage wealth, we cultivate prosperity. Join us and discover the power of smart, secure investing.

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Approach to investing


Risk Management

Managing risk is key in the investment game. It's about striking the right balance between picking individual securities wisely and applying broader risk filters and guidelines across the portfolio. We employ various strategies to mitigate market exposure and safeguard our investments effectively.


capital growth

Our objective is to achieve steady growth that surpasses the S&P, while maintaining lower risk compared to the broader market. Rather than pursuing high-risk, high-reward opportunities, we prioritize a disciplined growth strategy that aims to deliver a highly desired investment return.



We adhere to a low beta directive, as we believe that situation-specific risks within bellwether names offer superior benefits to our clients compared to directional risks. Through a flexible investing approach, we express our investment thesis using securities that we deem to have the most attractive risk-reward characteristics.

The Founder


David Abraham

David Abraham serves as the Founder and CEO of Abraham Capital. Prior to establishing Abraham Capital, David co-founded and served as President of Revive, a non-profit organization. He gained recognition as an itinerant minister and public speaker, earning a place in Charisma Magazine's prestigious "40 Rising Voices Under 40."

David's professional journey includes significant experience in corporate banking, where he held analyst and leadership roles at Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Aon. David holds a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida.

"Your Prosperity is Our Priority."

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